1100mm x 3000 Long Rockliner Fascia

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Standard length 3m

Rockliner is a metal faced fire protection system normally clad around steel beams and columns to achieve the required fire rating for a mezzanine floor. It is provided in square form and in a variety of finishes. The casings are lined with Spiralite boards. Rockliner has been installed to delay the effects of fire on the structure of the mezzanine floor in compliance with Building Regulations and fire ratings. Any damage to or removal of the installed system will affect the fire integrity of the mezzanine and may put life and property at unnecessary risk. There are no running maintenance requirements. The system can be cleaned by wiping a mild detergent/soap and warm water mix with a soft cloth, sponge or natural brush. Do not use abrasive materials. Galvanised surfaces may develop slight corrosion due to wetness and condensation. Whitening can be removed using Scothbrite pads and a suitable solvent such as thinners. Other surface marks, such as black spots, can be removed using an aluminium oxide paper or coarse ` wet & dry`. Make sure not to take the surrounding surface down too far. In such cases immediately touch up using a zinc chromate primer or similar. Should miner dents or scratches occur these can be repaired by use of a filler and paint touch up. Contact should be made with Cryotherm to ensure the correct colour match and method. The installation must not be disturbed, altered or removed. It must not be allowed to become deluged or over sprayed/ clad with other materials. Contractors working near or around the installation should be briefed not to remove or alter it. We recommend regular inspections take place to ensure there has been no alteration or deterioration. Any damage must be repaired immediately by an approved contractor.

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Overall SizeCut width 1218
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