Apollo Sack Truck

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Product Specifications

  • For Storeroom, office, and workshop
  • Hardwearing 
  • Reach compliant and puncture proof wheels

The apollo sack trucks are made of high-quality steel with a hardwearing aqua blue powder coated finish and come complete with strong, riveted knuckle guard hand grips. All are mobile on REACH complaint and have puncture proof pneumatic wheels.



Available in 6 Models:

GI703R (pic 1)

  • Standard unit
  • Overall size: H:1110mm x W:515mm x D:490mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W: 360mm x D: 250mm
  • Capacity: 200 kg

GI704R (pic 2)

  • Complete with wheel guards. The folding plate stays in the folded position by the use of a magnet. The folding toe plate has a loading capacity of up to 150kg
  • Overall size: H:1240mm x W:535mm x D:710mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W:390mm x D:165mm
  • Capacity: 250kg

GI705R (pic 3)

  • Complete with wheel guards and 'P' handle. The 'P' handle allows the unit to be laid horizontally for ease of loading or unloading
  • Overall size: H:1310mm x W:520mm x D:460mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W:366mm x D:220mm
  • Capacity: 250kg

GI706R (pic 4)

  • Angle iron unit complete with wheel guards
  • Overall size: H:1185mm x W:580mm x D:600mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W:385mm x D:300mm
  • Capacity: 300kg

GI702R (pic 5)

  • Extra wide unit complete with wheel guards
  • Overall size: H:1085mm x W:610mm x D:585mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W:475mm x D:240mm
  • Capacity: 250kg

GI701R (pic 6)

  • High back unit complete with wheel guards and plastic covered skids
  • Overall size: H:1320mm x W:510mm x D:630mm
  • Fixed toe plate size: W:285mm x D:280mm
  • Capacity: 300kg

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