Frequently asked questions

What are the design restrictions for mezzanine floors?

There are no size, shape, number of floor levels or height restrictions as we offer an extensive range of floor loading options to suit most applications (all subject to local site conditions).

How does the design process work?

Initial Enquiry & Quotation
Sales Drawing & Place order & Site Survey
Approval of Drawings
Manufacture of your Mezzanine floor
Delivery & Installation

Does the mezzanine floor need to be fire rated?

  • Floor usage – Floors can be used for storage, automated storage and maintenance purposes and not be fire rated. Any other use then the mezzanine floor would have to be fire rated.
  • Offices
  • If the floor area exceeds 400m2
  • If any edge is in excess of 20 linear metres
  • Size of mezzanine floor is more than 50% of the room it is installed in.
  • More than 3 people are to be working on the floor at any one time.
  • You can extend the sprinkler system to the underside of the mezzanine floor to avoid fire rating the floor, however this can be very costly compared to general suspended ceiling to one hour

Who is responsible for building regulation approval?

The client is responsible to obtain building regulation approval.

Do I need building regulation approval for a mezzanine floor?

Yes, you do; we can advise you through the whole process. The client obtains their own approval with ourselves supplying the relevant documents to accompany the process. Unlike a lot of companies, we prefer not to be a “middle man” or use approved inspectors as they can become costlier than local authorities.

Access to the mezzanine floor & Fire regulations are a key process.

Should I inform my landlord?

Yes, they may want to approve the drawing with you and also stops any problems when you look to leave the premises in the future.

How long do floors take to process?

Initial enquiry to quotation (1/2 days), Order to survey (approx. 5 days), Approval of the drawing to delivery & installation (20 working days subject to work loads)

How long does it take to install the mezzanine floor?

Our installation team can install 60sq/m2 on a standard day with clear access, for limited access they can install between 40sq/m2 & 50sq/m2 a day.

Do I need planning permission?

In general, planning permission is not necessary when fitting a mezzanine floor. However, in certain cases it may be needed. If your premises include shared parking, or parking that belongs to the local council, permission will be needed before the flooring can be installed. If you are unsure whether you fall under this bracket, please get in touch with us.

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