Cantilever Rack - Single Side

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Cantilever Rack - Single Side
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Product Specifications

  • For Storeroom, Workshop & warehouse use:
  • Store all your long awkward items
  • Up to 2200kgs per side
  • Arms adjust every 75mm
  • Tough epoxy finish

  • If you don’t see a solution that meets your requirements, please contact us.

Our cantilever system is based on modular bays and fittings to provide cost effective storage of long and awkward items.

The frames are available in three heights and three depths in both single and double sided configurations.

Each bay comes complete with three arms per frame and you can add or deduct the number of levels required.

The arms can be fitted with end stops (at an additional cost shown) to secure any loose products from falling off.

The frames are spaced 1000mm or 1500mm apart with bolted on X brace, so you can easily work out your run using the starter and extension bay systems.


Key Information:

  • Overall height: 1976mm, 2432mm & 2964mm
  • widths available: 1000mm & 1500mm
  • Depth: 780mm, 980mm & 1180mm
  • Arm length: 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm
  • 2° fall on arms
  • Arm stops can be bolted into two separate positions
  • Colour: Galvanised uprights / Blue arms
  • Starter bay: Includes two side frames, 6 arms, base, bracing and all necessary fixings.
  • Extension bay: Includes one side frame, 3 arms, base, bracing and all necessary fixings.


  • Arm stops are not included as standard but are available to buy separate
  • Floor Fixings ‘M12x100’ available to buy separate



Maximum Load Per Arm:

  • 600mm Arm Capacity -    600Kgs
  • 800mm Arm Capacity -    400Kgs
  • 1000mm Arm Capacity -  250Kgs


Maximum Load Per Side:

Height (mm) Arm 600mm Arm 800mm Arm 1000mm
1976mm 2200kg 1900kg 1600kg
2432mm 2200kg 1900kg 1600kg
2964mm 2200kg 1900kg 1100kg


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