Decking Board Screws

In stock

Timber Fix CSK Hd w/Rib Tek 3

5.5 x 60mm/62mm 



100 Winged Tip Screws

5.5 x 60mm / 62mm CSK Hd w/Rib Tek 3PT

Maximum steel thickness: 3mm

Maximum fixture Thickness: 42mm

Fixing Tip Required: PH3


These are great for fixing mezzanine floor chipboard to steel framework without pre drilling holes.

Wings cut clearance hole in wood then snap off when they reach steel, preventing wood from 'jacking-up'. The self-drilling tip then drives into the steelwork creating a firm fixing.

Under-head ribs for self-countersinking.

Zinc-plated for a durable fixing.

Available in various amount.

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