ProPlaz Blue Folding Platform Trolley

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Product Specifications

  • For use in storeroom, office, and workshop
  • 150kg or 300kg load capacity
  • ProPlaz blue folding platform trolley
  • 2 Sizes available 

ProPlaz blue trolleys with high quality polypropylene platforms and shelves.

These are mobile on 125mm low noise fixed and swivel castors, two with brakes.

There are several variations available in this trolley with more shelfs, wire surrounds and drop side cages.

Anti-slip discs on all platforms & shelves prevent your goods from slipping


Key Information:

  • Constructed from re-enforced polypropylene decks/shelves
  • Loading capacity 300kg
  • ProPlaz blue folding platform trolley
  • Lightweight, hygienic, and easy to clean
  • Mobile on two fixed and two swivel 125mm low noise castors


Model 1 

Overall Size: L:720MM X W:490mm X H:860mm


Loading Capacity: 150kg

Castors: 100mm


Model 2 

Overall Size: L:900MM X W:600mm X H:890mm


Loading Capacity: 300kg

Castors: 125mm

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