ProPlaz Large Clever Trolley

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Product Specifications

  • For Storeroom, office & workshop use
  • Comes with 1 folding box 
  • Load capacity: 70kg (25kg on top tray & 45kg on bottom tray
  • Durable and versatile folding trolley
  • Can hold up to 4 folding boxes

The ProPlaz clever trolley is a collapsible folding trolley which can transport items around the office or workplace.

This compact trolley folds away for storage, is easy to open and includes a foot operated break.

Unclip the wheels from the base & clip into the frame of the unit. Push the blue button on the handle & lift to open the unit. Then simply strap the box into the top tray using the Safety Straps & you’re ready to go.






Key Information:

  • Load capacity: 70kg (25kg on top tray & 45kg on bottom tray
  • Manufactured to the recognised European GS Standard
  • Manufactured from injection moulded plastic & anodised aluminium
  • Folding boxes are stackable and are kept securely in place by male and female connectors
  • The unit has a foot operated brake between the rear wheels.
  • Complete with 1 folding box - more available
  • Male and female connectors allow for the boxes to be stacked
  • Overall Size: L:1000mm x W:600mm X H:1070mm
  • Folding box size: L:560mm X W:400mm X H:260mm


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