Rivet 400 Shelving

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Rivet 400 Shelving
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Product Specifications

  • For Storeroom, Workshop & Warehouse use:
  • Shelf capabilities of 400kgs UDL
  • Perfect for bulk buy
  • Easy transport & shipping - capable of 33 bays with 4 pallet spaces!
  • 5 Day Delivery

Rivet 400 kits come ready boxed for ease of picking and transport.

Each bay contains 2 boxes and 4 chipboard levels, making it very simple to pick and deliver.

Ideal for you to stock and supply directly to your customers.

33 bays of one size will only take up 4 pallet spaces.

Perfect for bulk buy and drop shipping.



Key Information:

  • 400Kg UDL Shelf load
  • 1600Kg Bay load
  • 4 x Shelf levels
  • 8 x 12mm chipboard shelves included
  • Overall height: 1830mm
  • Depths available: 457mm & 610mm
  • Colour: Blue uprights & blue beams
  • Includes plastic feet

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