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Terms & Conditions of Sale

In these conditions

'The Company,’ ‘Us,’ ‘We,’ ‘Our,’ means Mezz9.com Ltd


'The Buyer,’ ‘You,’ ‘Yourselves,’ ‘Customer,’ ‘Client,’ means the person/company purchasing the mezzanine floor or associated mezzanine floor products.


Acceptance - Term & Conditions of sale, Quotation & pre-manufacture drawings: By accepting our quotation via an official purchase order, email of intent, verbal, online website (www.mezz9.com) or by our quotation acceptance management system you will be fully accepting all our standard terms & conditions of sale. To hold this quotation the deposit invoice will need to be paid within 7 days after this the job will need to re-quoted due to volatile material cost.. Signatures on drawings will be taken as an approval of acceptance and fully understanding the terms & conditions / drawing proposal. Cancellation following this signature will result in a charge for the full amount of the contract value.


Validity: We aim to hold our quotations for as long as possible however due to the unpredictable nature of steel costs we can only guarantee our prices for a maximum of 7 days on all new mezzanine floors quotations.

 If you have been quoted on a used mezzanine floor in stock, then the quotation is valid until an order or deposit has been placed. Used mezzanine floors in stock are quoted to numerous customers and therefore Mezz9.com ltd work on a first come, first served basis.


Cancelled Orders: Should any order placed be cancelled or not proceed for any reason, we reserve the right to charge for any site survey, drawings or calculations and associated costs where applicable up to the point of cancellation. All prices subject to a final detailed site survey. If for any reason the project, once ordered either by an official purchase order, verbal order or email of intent does not proceed to site, then we reserve the right charge for site survey, drawing and any others works carried out to date. The charge for these works is £750.00 or 10% of the contract sum whichever is the greater figure.


Cancelled Orders After Drawing Approval: Should any order placed be cancelled or not proceed for any reason after you the customer/buyer has signed off the drawing, we reserve the right to charge for the full amount of the contract value.


Force Majeure – The Company shall not be liable for any breach of the contract that arises either wholly or partly from Force Majeure, such term to include but not be limited to Act of God, Legislation, War, Fire, Breakdown of Machinery, Failure of Power Supply, Lock-Out, Strike, any other industrial dispute, or any other event or circumstance beyond the control of the Company which was not foreseeable or was unavoidable


Payment Terms - New mezzanine floors:

Unless agreed otherwise, our payment terms are.

25% on order – No site surveys will take place and no quote is guaranteed until this deposit is paid.

75% payment to be made on installation completion day. We will allow 7 days from invoice date for payment on final balance.

Supply Only - 75% payment to be made 2 working days prior to delivery

Full calculations of steelworks will NOT be passed on until full payment has been made.


Payment Terms - Used mezzanine floors:

Used mezzanine floors – Full payment made 2 working days prior to deliver on supply only

Used mezzanine floors – supply, deliver & Installation – payment on completion. We will allow 7 days from invoice date for payment on final balance.


Payment Terms - New handrail, loading gates, fire protected columns/fascia’s & decking boards:

Unless agreed otherwise, our payment terms are.

Full payment on order.


Payment Terms - New staircases & platforms only:

Unless agreed otherwise, our payment terms are.

25% on order – No general drawings will be sent for approval until this amount is paid in full.

75% payment to be made on installation completion day. We will allow 7 days from invoice date for payment on final balance.

Supply Only – Remaining 75% payment to be made 2 working days prior to delivery



Mezz9.com Ltd is a vat registered company - 998 0646 60.

All prices quoted via email, verbal or website are excluding VAT.

VAT will be added to all deposit & final balance invoices at the current prevailing UK rate.


Lien – Without Prejudice to any of the Company’s other rights under the agreement between the parties notwithstanding delivery and if applicable, installation of any goods or products, the goods or products shall remain in the Company until the Buyer has paid in full to the payment terms set out. If such payment is overdue in full or in part, the Company may, without prejudice to any of the Company’s other rights, recover or re-sell the goods or products and may enter the Buyers premises for that purpose.


Termination – The Company shall be entitled to either terminated wholly or in part the agreement of any or every other contract with the Buyer or to suspend any further contracts under the agreement in any of the following events; if any debt due to the Company is unpaid, if the Buyer becomes insolvent or being a body corporate has a receiver appointed or passes a resolution of a winding up or a court order to that effect or being an individual partnership makes any composition or arrangement with their creditors or has a receiving order made against them, and/or in addition to the right of lien which the Company shall in any events described above have a general lien over all goods of the Buyer then in the possession of the Company for unpaid price of any goods sold, delivered and installed (if applicable) by the Company to the Buyer under the agreement or any other contract.


Waiver – The Company’s rights and remedies shall not be prejudiced by any indulgence or forbearance to the Buyer and no waiver by the Company of any breach by the Buyer shall operate as a waiver of any subsequent breach.


Building Regulations / Approved Inspector Indemnity: Unless specified otherwise we have made no allowance for a building regulation application and assume that an application will be submitted by others. Please note the structure may require associated services to satisfy the current regulations. Although all our mezzanines are designed in accordance with our interpretation of the current legislation, it is not always possible to guarantee any design until a formal application is presented & passed. Building regulation fees-unless specifically quoted for, our quotation excludes any building regulation fees, or inspection fees. Under no circumstances will the non-approval for building regulations affect payment of any moneys to Mezz9.com ltd as and when it falls due. Please note that any other work required, other than the items described in the Mezz9.com Ltd quotation and the agreed drawing will be the responsibility of yourselves.

Staircases & Handrail are quoted on the current regulations and will be fully described in the quotation, if the local authority requires a change in these items following installation or approval then Mezz9.com ltd take no responsibility in any costs incurred or cost to obtain the approval.


Manufacture without site survey: If we are unable to conduct our own site survey and are required to manufacture off drawings by others, we do not accept any responsibility for any discrepancies.  Any costs incurred due to differences between site and the drawings we have worked from will be the responsibility of others.

Drawing Approval: Following a site survey, we will produce general arrangement drawing for your approval and upon receipt will provided structural calculations which will be required for the building regulations application. It is imperative that these drawings are checked thoroughly as once approved, any alterations could delay the proposed delivery date and incur additional charges.


Site Survey:  In most cases our quotation includes for and is subject to a full site survey following receipt of a formal order. We expect the area to be cleared prior to a survey to allow for accurate ‘manufacturing’ measurements. If the site is not cleared to allow the relevant survey it may be necessary for us to re-attend site to check a preliminary drawing. Sometimes this can attract an additional survey fee.

In the case of mezzanine floors being manufactured from supplied surveys, plans, drawings we cannot be held responsible for any alterations / additional materials required due to discrepancies from supplied information. Any associated costs will be chargeable.


Project management: We have allowed for 1no free site survey prior to the issue of drawings for customers approval, any further site visits required will be chargeable at a rate to be advised.


Lead Time:  Our standard lead time is 4-5 weeks (20-25 working days) from receipt of approved drawings until delivery / commencement on site, however this is subject to workloads at the time of approval on all new & used mezzanine floors. But due to current stock issues lead times are now quoted on drawing approval.


Technical Standards: If the execution class has not been specified by the customer; we will consider the product to fall under the regulations of BSEN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 - Execution Class EXC2.

Products that do not fall within the scope of BSEN1090 are: handrail balustrades, pallet gates, staircases & staircase platforms, as they are considered as an nonstructural construction product and if removed, they does not affect the strength and stability of the main structure or part of the structure (see CEN/TR 17052 – Guidelines on implementing EN1090- 1:2009+A1:2011). Note: Requirements to conform to NSSS Version 6 has not been considered and no supplementary NDT has been specified by the customer.


CE Marking: All our new Mezzanine Floors are certified against ISO9001:2008 by the Centre for Assessment; a UKAS accredited and Law Society certification body. Furthermore, through our supply chain we are certified for the development, project management and administration of EN1090-1 for CE Marking of our products. Upon completion, we can provide an O & M Manual which will contain a Certificate of Conformity.  Any NDT (non-destruction testing) requirements will be chargeable at extra costs to be agreed prior.  


Concrete Slab Indemnity:   With reference to all new & used mezzanine floors being installed into your premises. At quotation stage, it is presumed that your concrete slab / floor is made up with the following measurements - slab thickness 150mm, blinding 50mm, hardcore depth 150mm and a soil bearing pressure of 80kN/m2. If no slab information is made available for us, then mezz9.com ltd take no responsibility for the suitability & performance of the slab. Please note that any request for the baseplates to be changed will not be at the expense of mezz9.com ltd and will be the responsibility of yourselves. Any requests to produce concrete details and test results by the local authorities will be the responsibility of yourselves.


New Mezzanine Floor Design: Our Mezzanine floors are designed in accordance with the recommendations of BS5950 and the Bre Digest 437 which reflects the industry and are recognized standards approved by the local authorities and independent inspectors. If new mezzanine floors are supplied to European countries or worldwide then it is the responsibility of yourselves to check that the regulations, we use are correct for the country it is being installed in. Any changes following your approval will be at the expense of yourselves.

Unless specified otherwise our designs require the full height cross bracing or strut bracing for stability, in most cases this can be positioned to suit a ground floor layout however in some cases these positions are fixed.

Our quotation assumes that the specified baseplates produce an acceptable soil bearing pressure to the underside of the concrete slab. We will however require the supporting slab details during the design process if this is not available. We can complete a core sample investigation at an additional cost. If neither of the above happen then the client / customer take full responsibility for the design and any problems that could arise. Please call to discuss slab details used in the quotation if unsure.


Dynamic Loads: The mezzanine floor will be designed to accept static loads only.  Should any machinery or equipment be placed on the floor that could impose a dynamic load then Mezz9.Com Ltd will need to be informed of this prior to placement of order.  Our design makes no allowance for dynamic or high point loads, it is the client’s responsibility to advise us of any machinery or high points loads (typically from shelving / racking) which may be imposed on the structure.


Bracing: This quotation and the design of the mezzanine floor is based on full height lateral cross or strut bracing on a minimum of two faces of the mezzanine floor.  If sufficient bracing is not permissible, then additional costs may be incurred.  Although designed to the latest regulations it should be noted that mezzanine floors are not entirely rigid.  Should there be any specific requirements relating to rigidity we must be informed prior to order placement. Please note Mezz9.com Ltd take no responsibility in the events following the removal of any structural bracing from the mezzanine floors.


Column Grid Changes: Any changes from the quoted column grid following the site survey due to obstructions or floor slab joints may result in additional costs.


Baseplate Designs: The thickness & design of our baseplates will be in accordance with “Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures” and “BS5950-1 Structural use of steelwork in building”.


Countersunk Baseplate Fixings: Our standard base plate fixing is a hex head bolt.  Countersunk fixings are available upon request and carry an additional charge.  Should countersunk baseplate fixings be required we must be informed prior to placement of order.


Ground Slab Design: We have assumed the ground slab is of sufficient strength to take the loads imposed by the column baseplates using the codes stated above.  Should we be required, for whatever reason, to design the column baseplates to “Technical report No:34 (fourth edition) Concrete Industrial Ground Floor, please be aware that the baseplate thickness can sometimes increase greatly & additional costs will be incurred. We will need to be advised of this design requirement prior to carrying our initial design process & will not accept any responsibility for any additional costs being incurred if we were not made aware of this ground slab design requirement prior to our initial design.


Concrete Floor Slab Levelness: Dumpy level surveys can be conducted but must be arranged and are subject to additional costs.  The mezzanine floor will follow the level of the existing concrete floor slab, if there is specific requirement for the individual columns to be levelled then Mezz9.Com Ltd will need to be informed of this prior to order.


Concrete Floor Slab Pockets: Should column bases need to be recessed into the concrete floor slab then we will need to be informed of this at quotation stage.  Pockets cut into the floor slab will be the responsibility of others and will need to be a minimum of 100mm larger than the proposed column base plate.  The depth and levelness of these pockets relative to each other will need to be consistent across the floor.  We do not pack from the base or grout unless previously agreed.


Standard Decking Sizes and delivery requirements: Mezz9.Com Ltd installs P6/U7 38mm tongue and groove industrial chipboard decking at 2400 x 600 x 38 & 2100 x 600x 38 this decking is self-Colour and is not moisture resistant.  As such our secondary purlins are designed on 600mm & 700mm center.  Other decking products including coverings and coatings as well as moisture resistance and various sizes are available upon request and subject to additional costs


Decking Surface Treatments: Where either P5, P6 or U7 particle board is supplied, please seek guidance from board manufacturer before applying any surface treatment, paint or sealant as some products can reduce the structural performance of the board and nullify any product warranty. Board failures can occur under load if incorrectly treated.


Offloading Confirmation For Standard Decking: 

The driver will not be able to assist with the offloading.

Our lorries do not have tail lifts or offloading facilities attached.

Forklift Requirements For Standard Decking:

A forklift will be needed to off load the materials.

 If no forklift is available a minimum of 2/3 persons will be needed to handball the goods off the lorry and this method is at your own risk Mezz9.com Ltd will take no responsibility in any injuries / accidents incurred while offloading .

We will need to know your means for offloading at time of order placement.


Loading gate options: If a customer request / orders a sliding or swing gate this is done so at their own decision and risk and Mezz9.com Ltd will not be held liable.


Electrical works: Mezz9.com Ltd use a third-party company to supply and install all the electrical work associated with the mezzanine floor. The responsibility of correct installation and certification following an Installation will be down to the third-party company not Mezz9.com Ltd


Emergency Lighting & Signage: Mezz9.Com Ltd are not responsible for any “emergency lighting, exit signage or smoke detection” which may be required by building control.


Fire Detection & Alarms: Installation of fire detection is the responsibility of yourselves. All fire detection to be removed from the mezzanine prior to the removal of any used mezzanine floor. It is advised to use the same company who installed the system to complete this work as to not invalidate your insurance.


Staircases, Platforms & Handrail: Our staircases, platforms and handrail are designed in accordance with the recommendations of building control which reflects the industry and are recognized standards approved by the local authorities and independent inspectors. Mezz9.com Ltd will endeavor to supply the correct staircase, handrail & platforms for the usage. With-out building control approval prior to order or installation then Mezz9.com Ltd take no responsibility in any costs incurred or any litigation created by installing the wrong staircase or handrail. Public use staircases differ from our standard general access & utility staircases, this also applies to our standard handrail. It is the responsibility of yourselves to correctly identify the staircases or handrail needed.

Staircases, Platforms & Handrail Collection: When you the customer requests to collect your materials in person from our fabrication depo it is you the customers responsibility to ensure you have the correct transport which is large enough to load the materials onto in a safe manor. We also have to be advised when you will be arriving to collect you cannot just turn up to on the day, this enables us to ensure you product is packed correctly and ready for loading onto your vehicle. If you the customers arrives to collect your goods in unsuitable sized transport and need to return later to collect there will be a loading / holding fee of £50 charged. If you are unsure of transport size needed, please contact us in the office on 0116 2673808 and we can happily discuss what is needed with you.


Fire rating of mezzanine floors Indemnity: Mezz9.com ltd take no responsibility of certifying fireproofing without the undertaking of building control/approved inspector and the fire officer requirements. Any associated works following an after installation will be at the costs of yourselves. All escape routes will be exposed to fire unless stated by building control to fire protect the route, this will then be stated within the official quotation.


Fire Exit Distances from Staircase: Mezz9.com Ltd will endeavor to install the staircases in the correct positions and within the stated design codes for escape distances. Mezz9.com Ltd take no responsibility for any litigation via courts following an incident with-out the use of building control to confirm acceptance from design stage. Any associated works following an after installation will be at the costs of yourselves.


Suspended ceilings: All suspended ceilings are quoted based on a 60minute fire tile unless stated on the quotation. Any associated works required by the fire officer / building control / approved inspector to fulfil the purpose of a fire protected suspended ceiling that has not been included in the quotation will be at the expense of yourselves. No fire breaks have been included in the quotations unless stated.


Column cases & Fascia’s – Fire protected: Our column cases & fascia’s are supplied & delivered by a third party company. Column casings are based on a 60minute fire rating unless stated on the quotation, there is no fire rating available for fascia’s supplied. Please confirm with building control/approved inspector before purchase as once ordered payment terms are applied.


Column Casings:
All our column casings are certified for the 60minute protection based on independent testing by BRE against BS476.

Our fascia panels are manufactured from the same raw materials as our column casings but there is no recognised testing criteria against BS476 and therefore cannot certify the fascia's to 60 minutes protection.


Column Case Sizes: We will not be held responsible for costs incurred for ordering column cases incorrectly.  Should you wish to order your own column cases please request details from our office, do not take the details directly from the mezzanine floor drawing.


Galvanized /Aluminum Finishing: If we supply materials with a galvanized or aluminum finish, we cannot be held responsible for any distortion of the plate material during the hot dipping process, if you have a concern regarding this then please do not hesitate to raise with us.


Paint Colour & Finishes: Main Beams-wet painted to RAL 7024 or RAL 5010, (grey primer finish on floors having a suspended ceiling).  Secondary Joists/Purlins-Galvanized. Columns-wet painted to RAL 7024 or RAL 5010, again grey primer finish on floors having a suspended ceiling.  Staircases-wet sprayed to RAL 7024 or RAL 5010 if specified.  Treads-Powder coated RAL 7024, Utility & General access with yellow nosing’s.  Landings-wet sprayed to RAL 7024 or RAL 5010.  Gates-wet sprayed to RAL 7024 or RAL 5010.  Handrail wet sprayed RAL 7024 or RAL 5010.  Handrail Tube and kick strip both aluminum. 


Used Mezzanine Floors CE Marking:  Used mezzanine floors in stock are either bought in already dismantled or mezz9.com dismantle them. Some of the floors may pre-date the new CE marking rule and therefore councils and insurance companies may need to know this before purchase. Mezz9.com ltd take no responsibility in any costs, solicitors, insurance, or alterations in a used floor being installed without this being checked first. Mezz9.com ltd have no authority to CE mark the used mezzanine floors as the materials used are not traceable. 


Used Mezzanine Floors- Technical Details
Such descriptions whilst given as a guide, in good faith, are subject to alteration by the Seller without notice. All weights and dimensions are approximate only. All maximum load capacities stated are for evenly distributed loads only. Mezz9.com ltd can check the steelwork through our multi-suite mezzanine software, all steelwork placed into the computer is generally based at the lowest specification in kg/m, column thickness and purlin thickness.

Although Mezz9.com ltd check the used mezzanine floors for correct usage on live loads/dead loads, we cannot be held responsible for supplying full structural calculations. Mezz9.com Ltd insurance will not cover for a third-party installation or third-party fabrication. Although we endeavour to be 100% correct, this cannot be guaranteed due to not having the source of the materials. We always advise that you contact a structural engineer who will then be insured to give you loadings for building control and bearing pressures for the concrete slab.


Floors were Abutting Existing Floors: We will need to measure the existing floor height accurately (at point of survey) where it is to join the new floor.  A hole will need to be drilled through the adjoining wall (by others) to allow measurement to be taken prior to manufacture.  This will help with the installation to allow our operatives to pack up columns to the correct level.  We will allow for packing columns adjacent to existing floors to try and match levels.  Please be aware that we can only pack to +/- 2mm of existing level.  Whilst every effort will be made to match levels at column points, due to joist deflection the floor cannot be guaranteed to match along its entire length.  Please note we only adjust those columns adjacent to the adjoining floor, we do not adjust any existing floor columns.  The remaining columns on our floor are all set to the same length and hence the mezzanine floor will follow to the levels of the ground slab.  Please note that where our decking is abutting an existing floor, we cannot guarantee that the decking will be a perfect join due to cutting tolerances and existing decking cuts.  Options of a thin steel joining plate are available at an extra cost.


Used Mezzanine Floors – Ground Slab Design & Base Plates Designs: Mezz9.com Ltd have not designed the used mezzanine floors and therefore cannot take any responsibility for costs or failure in the ground slab or alterations to the base plates. Most of the used mezzanine floors would have been built by “new” mezzanine floor suppliers in the Uk and therefore should have been built to these codes “The thickness & design of our baseplates will be in accordance with “Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures” and “BS5950-1 Structural use of steelwork in building”.  On pre-delivery checks Mezz9.com ltd use these measurements as stated below, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the concrete slab prior to installation.


Underlying Foundation & Soil Details for Used Mezzanine Floor Base Plate Checks: Slab thickness 150mm, Blinding 50mm, Hardcore depth 150mm, Soil bearing 80kN/m2. Foundation angles, concrete spread 30 degrees, hardcore spread 45 degrees.


Accidental Impact: Columns have not been designed for accidental impact.  If forklift trucks or other heavy plant and equipment are to be used in the vicinity of the mezzanine floor after completion, then suitably designed column protection or column guards will need to be provided and installed by others.


Accidental Damages Or Vandalism – In the event that the Company or anyone employed by the Company causes accidental damage or vandalises the Buyer or Buyers clients property and/or premises, the Buyer must allow the Company to source a quotation or on agreement, provide a credit for the repair works. The Buyer shall not be entitled to withhold payment or set-off any amount payable under this or any other contract with the Company by reason of any claim disputed by the Company. The Buyer must allow the Company to assess the damage caused and submit a claim to the Company’s insurers if applicable.


Consequential Loss: Mezz9.com Ltd or its directors shall not be liable to the Buyer for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) costs or expenses or their claims for consequential loss whatsoever which arise out of or in connection with the supply of the goods or their use or re-sale.


Delivery to Site:  Unless noted otherwise, the Company will deliver the product to site on a heavy goods vehicle at between the hours of 7.30am to 11am, subject to traffic conditions & other potential delays when traveling to site. The site must have a clear and level hard ground (tarmac or concrete) to access the premises and must have a wide opening (minimum 3.5m) to transfer the goods into the premises. The Buyer to Buyers client must offload the materials under their own method statement unless the Company is contracted to offload. The Buyer must provide a suitable covered storage area and if applicable, must not prevent or hinder the Company’s ability to install the product. The Company cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to late delivery or the Buyers failure to comply with any terms in this clause.


Site Access & Conditions: Our quotation assumes that the site will be clear, and level and a suitable forklift truck will be available to offload and transport materials from our delivery vehicles to the installation area. If this is not the case, we can supply one as necessary for an extra cost. Please ensure the site is clean and clear prior to installation of the floor, any variations in this agreement may cause delay and additional costs will be charged to your company at a rate advised.  We will require a suitable and secure lay down area, under cover, for our materials, plant, equipment, this can be confirmed at design stage. 

We assume that a 230/240v power supply will be freely available and that the site has adequate lighting in the installation area. Welfare facilities will be required and for our use free of charge, to include but not limited to the following, toilets, lighting, hand washing, drinking water, rest area, facilities for heating food/water, changing area.  Temporary arrangements for the above are acceptable but we would need to be made aware of this prior to commencement on site.


Safety: The area of the mezzanine is to be cordoned off by others and all un authorised personnel should be prevented from entering the installation area for safety reasons.


CDM Regulations – If the works fall under the scope of the CDM Regulations, the Buyer must instruct a Principal Contractor to manage the project. The Company will work to the Principal Contractors requirements to comply with the regulations and any additional costs incurred in order to comply will be chargeable to the Buyer


Installation Teams: Our quotation is based on our installation teams working a full 8-10-hour day on site and during normal working hours.  Should requirements for working outside of these hours or weekend work then this would be subject to extra costs agreed prior to the commencement of work.  We assume that welfare facilities will be freely available (including first aid) for the duration of the installation. Our operatives expect to receive full support and cooperation with safety procedure throughout the unloading and installation process.  Please note our quote is based on our normal installation method as per our standard method statements, any methods outside of our statement will be subject to additional costs.

If the Buyer or the Buyers client prevents the Company from installing the product within the allowed time frame, due to preventing access, failure to provide heating, lighting or welfare, failure to provide power, obstructing or failure to clear the site and or any other situation that prevents the team from installing the product, the Company has the right to delay the installation until an agreement is in place to continue the works, and the Company has the right to charge the Buyer for the costs incurred due to the delays caused by the Buyer or the Buyers client.


Temporary Edge Protection: If we are not instructed to provide permanent edge protection to any exposed edge, a temporary edge protection will be required to protect other trade etc. involved in the project. Unless specified in our quotation we assume that this temporary edge protection will be provided by others. Any open edges need to be protected once we have left site for the safety of any follow-on trades. Any edge protection needs to be hired will incur an additional cost agreed at quotation stage. If netting for installation is required, this will need to be known at quotation stage or except the costs given if instructed to provide this mid installation.


Cutting of Holes in Existing Roofs: If there is a requirement for any columns to be installed in an existing office area then this is the customers responsibility to cut the hole in prior to arrival on site, any making good of existing ceiling is to be the complete responsibility of the customer.  Unless asked to arrange at quotation stage incurring an extra cost.


Decking & Dust: We are required to cut chipboard decking whilst installing the mezzanine floor and this can generate a small amount of dust.  Should this be a problem on your site then we must be informed of this at quotation stage.  Any changes to our standard installation process will be subject to additional costs.


Plant: Unless a cost has been agreed at quotation stage, we have assumed that you or the end user will provide a forklift truck for our exclusive use to build the mezzanine floor.  This forklift needs to be a counterbalance type for use indoors (either gas or electric) and capable of lifting 1.75 tons.  It will have a side shift and be capable of lifting to the deck height of the mezzanine +300mm.  It will also need to go under the floor when the masts are in the lowest position.  The forklift needs to be available from the first day and continuously for the duration of the works.  If an electric truck is supplied, then the responsibility for wiring in the charging unit lies with others.  We cannot be held responsible for storage of any gas on site.  Should gas be required to power the forklift truck then the secure storage of this gas will be the responsibility of the principal contractor or end user.


Dismantle & Re-location of used mezzanine floor: Mezz9 will dismantle the used mezzanine floor in a timely & safe manner. Customer will be responsible for the transport cost and any plant required at each site unless stated in the quotation. All building control work & concrete slab checks will be the responsibility of yourselves. All mezzanine floor relocations are based on a like for like switch. If the mezzanine floor requires extra materials or modification, then this will be at the cost of yourselves. This will be confirmed in a re quote for confirmation of acceptance before the works are fully completed. Mezz9 will not provide any calculations or drawings based on a re location.


Waste Materials: We have made no allowance for any skip hire and all waste materials / debris will be left neatly stacked ready for disposal by others. We will clear the site of our rubbish to a single location for removal by client or main contractor (at their costs).


Delivery / Collection / Shipping Policy 

  1. All items are collection only unless otherwise stated, some items are delivery only straight from our suppliers.

** PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries can only be made to a hardstanding area with suitable forklift offloading facilities being available **

Failed deliveries unable to off-load will incur a delivery charge of the quoted amount + vat. A return delivery cost will be based on original quotation and paid for before the goods are re-loaded.

  1. The customer shall collect the goods from the supplier's premises, or where specified in the order, the supplier shall deliver the goods or shall procure the delivery of the goods by a third party, the location set out in the order or such other location as the partied may agree. Where goods are to be delivered, the customer shall provide the supplier or such third parties with access to the delivery location in order that the delivery of the goods may be carried out. The customer must notify the supplier promptly of any days or part days when such access to the delivery location will be unavailable. 
  2. Where goods are delivered, delivery of the goods shall be completed on the goods arrival unloaded at the delivery location. The customer shall be responsible for all unloading of the goods from the delivery vehicle at the delivery location and the customer shall indemnify the supplier against all liability arising from or related to such unloading:
  3. Offloading and forklifts requirements for standard decking boards:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the driver will not be able to assist with the offloading of any materials until further notice. Our lorries do not have tail lifts or any offloading facilities with them.

A forklift will be needed to offload the materials upon delivery. If no forklift is available, then a minimum of 2/3 persons will be needed to handball the goods off the lorry and this method is taken at you the customers own risk Mezz9.com Ltd will take no responsibility in any injuries / accidents caused by this method.

  1. Any dates quoted for delivery are approximate only, and the time of the delivery is not of the essence. The supplier shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the goods that is caused by force majeure event or unavailability of the access to the delivery location or the customer failure to provide the supplier with adequate delivery instructions or any other instructions that are relevant to the supply of the goods.
  2. If the supplier fails to deliver the goods, it's liability shall be limited to the cost and expenses incurred by the customer in obtaining replacement goods or similar description and quality in the cheapest market available, less the price of the goods. The supplier shall have no liability for any failure to deliver the goods to the extent that such a failure is caused by a force majeure event or the unavailability of access to the delivery location or the customers failure to provide the supplier with adequate delivery instructions or any other instructions that are relevant to the supply of the goods.
  3. If seven ( 7 ) business days after the day on which the goods should have been collected or the supplier first attempted to effect delivery the customer has not accepted the delivery of them, item, the supplier may recall or otherwise dispose of part or all of the goods and , after deducting reasonable storage and selling costs, account to the customer for any excess over the price of the goods or charge the customer for any shortfall below the price of the goods.
  4. Any discrepancy between the quality of the goods ordered and the quantity of the goods delivered must be notified in writing to the supplier within three (3) business days of delivery.
  5. The supplier may deliver or procure delivery of all the goods by instalments, which shall be invoiced and paid for separately. Each instalment shall constitute a separate contract. Any delay in delivery or defect in a instalment shall not entitle the customer to cancel any other instalment.
  6. Immediately on delivery of the goods the customer shall: inspect all goods and inform the supplier of any shortage or any defect apparent on normal visual inspection. The customer shall check, complete, and send to the supplier immediately following of delivery, the delivery documents to confirm that all goods are delivered and defect free or otherwise.
  7. Completion of the delivery documents by the customer or by the customers representatives confirms the customers agreement that the customer has been given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the goods and that the goods have been inspected.
  8. Collection of staircases or any materials when you the customer requests to collect your materials in person from our fabrication depo it is you the customers responsibility to ensure you have the correct transport in place which is large enough to load your goods onto in a safe manor. We also have to be advised of a planned collection date you cannot turn up on the day to collect this will give us enough time to ensure your goods are ready and package correctly for loading onto your vehicle. If you the customer arrives to collect your goods in an unsuitable sized transport and need to return at a later date to collect a loading / holding fee of £50 + vat will be charged.

** If you are unsure of transport size requirements, please feel free to call us in the office on 0116 2673808 and we will be happy to assist ** 


Tile Style Flooring Terms & Conditions of Sale


  1. These Conditions of Sale apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods and Services by us Mezz9.Com Ltd to you to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. Any order from you gives rise to a binding contract with us only when we have notified you in writing that the order is acceptable or when we have made delivery of Goods to you (if sooner)
  2. Quotations: All sales are subject to Mezz9.Com Ltd standard terms and conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to check and confirm all measurements, dimensions, and quantities. Mezz9.Com Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any shortages or errors once the quotation has been accepted. In the event that extra material, labour or additional transport or equipment is required we reserve the right to charge the customer for all extra materials, labour and additional costs that may be incurred. In the event that we are undertaking installation please be aware that it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the installation area has been cleared of all moveable items prior to our installation team commencing work. We reserve the right to charge for any unforeseen repair work / alterations that may be required to allow installation to be completed, for example if the floor needs repair work or if any doors need trimming down.
  3. Prices: Prices quoted exclude Value Added Tax. Every effort is made to charge the prices set out in our most current catalogue/ price list; however, we reserve the right to increase the price payable for Goods without notice.
  4. Delivery and Packing

4.1 Delivery dates are estimates only and we shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any act of God, war or riot, extreme weather, strikes or any other events, which are beyond our control.

4.2 Risk in Goods will pass to you on delivery, and you should insure accordingly.

  1. Installation and Project Management 5.1 All work relating to installation and project management is quoted for on the understanding that the site area will be clear and ready for Mezz9.Com Ltd to commence work.

 5.2 In the event of shortage of material due to the customers plans or the measurements provided being incorrect or failing to allow a sufficient wastage or cutting allowance we will charge for all extra material required at the pro rata rate originally quoted. If we need to revisit site to complete the installation the additional time and labour involved will also be charged at the prevailing rate.

5.3 A minimum of 72 hours’ notice must be given if it is necessary to cancel an installation.

  1. Claims for loss or non-delivery of Goods, damage, short delivery, or non-compliance with description must be notified in writing to us within 3 (three) days of the delivery date. Original packaging must be returned with any damaged Goods. Claims will only be considered if these conditions are met. Our liability shall be limited to replacement free of charge or refund of the proportion of the price attributable to Goods undelivered or damaged at our option.

6.1 Consistency of colour – all orders will be fulfilled from a single production batch. In the event of additional tiles being required as a separate order we cannot guarantee colour consistency of tiles between batches although we will match as well as possible.

  1. Payment All payments are in full via bacs.

7.1 If any payment falls into arrears or you are the subject of any insolvency or related proceedings you must immediately notify us and we will have the right to cancel or postpone any contract, wholly or in part, and to be paid immediately for performance or part performance of any contract to date.

  1. The return of Goods will not be accepted for any reason without prior consent, and you will pay any consequential costs.

8.1 Should any Goods be returned to us for reasons outside of our control then a discretionary 20% restocking charge will apply which will exclude carrier costs, which will be charged extra.

  1. Liability

9.1. Except for death or personal injury caused by our negligent acts or omissions we shall only be liable for any loss or damage which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of this Agreement.

 9.2. You will be responsible for all claims, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses suffered or incurred by us as a result of your breach or default in the discharge of your obligations.

 9.3. Where we need to carry out work on your premises and/or install equipment, we will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your existing system which occurs due to faults in your system unless we have been negligent in not realising that such damage may occur.

 9.4. In the event of our losing or damaging your goods, we will pay for the reasonable costs of the repair or replacement (less wear or tear) of the item.

  1. Waste. Unless otherwise advised in writing prior to commencement of work it is the customer’s responsibility to provide adequate facilities for the disposal of all waste material and packaging.
  2. We may take pictures/ videos of the garage to include before & after shots and vehicle shots. If you do not wish for these to be used for marketing purposes, please let one of the team know prior to installation date.


  • LOOSE LAY OR GLUE tiles can be installed over any hard surface and in most situations will not require gluing. We recommend gluing the tiles in the following situations:
  • DIRECT SUNLIGHT (Shop fronts, south facing loading bay, sky lights etc.) It is advisable to glue the tiles in areas subject to direct sunlight such as glass fronted entrance foyers, shop fronts, south facing loading bay doors etc. It is possible that the tiles in direct sunlight will get extremely hot and expand at a faster and higher rate than the remainder of the floor.
  • HEAVY TRUCKS AND/OR TIGHT TURNING CIRCLES - Certain forklift and pallet truck designs can cause a problem, heavy trucks with small wheels, especially electric trucks where the battery is located over the main drive wheel. If you use this type of vehicle, we strongly advise you to test the tiles with the trucks before deciding on which thickness to use (7 or 10mm Mezz9.Com Ltd and/or consider gluing the tiles.
  • EXTERNAL HEAT SOURCES / CATALYTIC CONVERTERS: Ovens, furnaces and catalytic converters can make the floor extremely hot and may cause the tiles to expand. To avoid this problem, glue the tiles in the exposed area. We recommend a minimum expansion gap of 5mm is left against any wall or fixed equipment.
  • STAINING / DISCOLOURING • STAINING FROM RUBBER TYRES: It is possible that certain rubber tyres and wheels may stain the tile (and many other types of flooring). This is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs between the anti-oxidant that is used in some rubbers and the plasticizer used in vinyl. The stain/reaction is brown in colour so is less visible in certain colours of tile (dark grey, graphite and black). Mezz9.com Ltd recommends that if your application is susceptible to staining from tyres, you consider application of our anti-colour /antistain 2 part solvent free waterborne polyurethane sealer. Please contact us for further information. Mezz9.com Ltd do not accept responsibility for the tiles stained by tyres and therefore recommend using the darker colours in the areas used for parking vehicles.


Steel Partitioning Terms & Conditions

CONDITIONS OF TRADING 1. DEFINITION OF TERMS The “contract” shall mean the agreement between the customer and the sellers for the sale of goods by the sellers incorporating these conditions. The “customer” shall mean the company purchasing the products or services (you). The goods shall mean the goods specified and accepted by the sellers in the customer order form. The sellers shall mean Mezz9.com Ltd.

  1. APPLICABILITY OF CONDITIONS (a) These conditions will govern and form part of every contract for the sale of goods by Mezz9.Com Ltd (“the Seller”) and any conditions contained in customer order forms or otherwise, shall apply in so far as they are not inconsistent with these conditions. (b) Any variation, cancellation or waiver of these conditions will be valid only in writing and signed by a director of the Sellers
  2. ORDER AND ACCEPTANCE (a) An order shall be binding on the customer if it is accepted in writing by the Sellers within seven days of receipt of the order by them. (b) No order can be cancelled or altered by a customer unless notice of a cancellation or alteration is received by the Sellers in writing within Three days from the date of their acceptance of the order.
  3. PRICE AND PAYMENT (a) The prices shown in the Seller’s price list do not include value added tax. All prices are, however, subject to value added tax at the current rate; together with any new tax changes in existing tax, variation in rates of exchange, levy or surcharge howsoever imposed; and the imposition of any, or further restrictions on trading conditions which may arise as a result of Government legislation. (b) Payment of the full invoice (including value added tax and otherwise as specified above), shall be made by the customer to the Sellers within thirty days (or other time scales agreed) of delivery to the customer’s premises (or other place specified by the purchaser) of the goods or of the invoice, whichever shall later occur. These conditions shall apply to each consignment where goods are delivered in separate consignments.
  4. DELIVERY (a) The Sellers will make every effort to meet specified delivery dates, but such dates shall be regarded as approximate only and the Sellers shall not be liable in any way for delay in delivery arising from any cause whatsoever including any act, neglect or default of the Sellers or their agents. (b) Where goods are delivered by the Seller’s own transport, no liability for shortage or damage will be accepted by the Sellers, unless at the time of the receipt at the goods by or on behalf of the customer the delivery note is marked with details of the shortage or damage alleged. Marking of the delivery note “Unexamined” or in a similar way, will not give rise to any liability on the part of the Sellers. (c) The seller may deliver the goods by separate instalments. Each separate instalment shall be invoiced and paid for in accordance with the provisions of the contract. (d) Each instalment shall be a separate contract and no cancellation or termination of any one contract relating to an instalment shall entitle the customer to repudiate or cancel any other contract or instalment
  5. RISK AND TITLE Goods supplied by the Sellers shall be at the customer’s risk immediately on delivery to the customer or into custody on the customer’s behalf (whichever is the sooner) and the customer should therefore insure accordingly. Property in goods supplied under these conditions will pass to the customer on payment of all debts owed by the customer to the Sellers on any account whatever and in the period from delivery down to such payment the goods shall be held on trust for the Sellers.
  6. DESCRIPTION AND QUALITY (a) Any illustration or statement in the Seller’s catalogues, sales literature or advertisements and any specification drawing or dimensions, whether supplied by the Sellers or the customer, shall be treated as a guide only and shall not be binding on the Sellers, who reserve the right to withdraw, amend or improve the design, construction, materials, or prices of any of their goods. (b) The Sellers will make any effort to ensure sound materials and workmanship and will replace or repair at their option, any goods which in their opinion are defective in those respects, provided that the defect is reported in writing to the Sellers within the period of guarantee for that product. If goods of that design, colour or material are no longer supplied by the Sellers, they will use their best endeavors to provide a suitable alternative, which the customer shall be bound to accept. Save as aforesaid all liability for any express or implied condition, warranty, or statement, statutory or otherwise, is excluded and the Sellers shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from or attributable to the use of goods supplied by them. (c) The Sellers shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable for any loss (which expression includes injury, damage, or delay) or for any consequences of any such loss arising out of any cause whatsoever beyond the Seller’s reasonable control or any malfunctioning of or defect in or failure of any goods supplied by them or any loss of the use of such goods. Nor shall the Seller’s under any circumstances whatsoever be liable for any consequential loss or damage howsoever caused.
  7. ENGLISH LAW Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these conditions shall be subject to English Law



Electronic Communications: When you visit www.mezz9.com or send e-mails to us, you are communicating to us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by email or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

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Covid 19 Policy

We continue to monitor the progression of the outbreak of Covid-19 and Government response levels.  Our principal focus is the welfare of our employees at the same time as balancing the need to maintain our supply chains and manage disruption to our distribution and manufacturing operations and the impact on everyday life.  Our business is strictly following Government guidelines on how to mitigate the risks of transmission of Covid-19 both in the office and on site and will continue to as updates are released:

On-Site Workers:

Presently, and until the Government advise otherwise, we can travel to and from work where necessary. Some of our customers projects serve front line operations and as such are currently open and are deemed essential. We ask that our Supply Chains do everything possible, whilst observing the requirements set out by the Government, to support us at this time of significant difficulty.


Business Impacts:


As a business, we carry a certain level of stock to service our customers and during this time we are committed to keeping these stocks at the maximum levels where feasible.  Due to the volatile supply for raw materials, there are some delays we advise to be contact us for lead times and these are changing daily.

Although we believe the actions, we have put in place are appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are under constant review, and we will continue to monitor things in line with Government recommendations.