Two Way Truck

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Product Specifications


  • For Storeroom, office and workshop
  • Can be used as upright sack truck or in platform mode 
  • Simple to use

We offer Heavy Duty Bulky Sack Trucks to suit people in different workplaces. They are designed to transport various goods around the workplace.

The Two-Way Truck is made from high quality stee aluminium for strength and great for using for moore heavy duty items can be used as upright sack truck or platform truck





Key Information:

  • User-friendly sack truck
  • Great heavy-duty items
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Resistant to rust
  • Manufactured from high quality steel or aluminium
  • Approved to European GS standard
  • Load capacity: 200kg 
  • Overall size: H-1240mm W:550mm D-450mm
  • Overall size in platform truck mode: H-890mm W:550mm D-980mm
  • Fixed Toe Plate Size: W-350mm D-180mm
  • Wheel size 250mm



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