Uni Loada 500 mezzanine conveyor

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Uni Loada 500 mezzanine conveyor

This versatile conveyor is designed to provide a conveying solution between ground level and a mezzanine or second storey.

The Uni Loada reduces the risk of injury caused by manual handling at the same time as making your workforce more efficient.

The Uni loada can take a payload of 100 kg without a problem, as it is powered by an efficient electric motor. The Uniloada can be set any angle to suit your use and can comfortably go up to 45 / 60 degrees.

It comes with a 500mm wide grip top rubber belt with flights. Our dedicated design team will draw up your specific application and we will advise what size would be best for your job. Once we have surveyed the site, agreed a suitable location and built your custom conveyor, we can install and commission the machine in one working day.

The Uniloada can lift boxes, tyres and much more, it can be combined with our roller tables to meet your specific requirements.

We run the machine using an Omron Inverter which makes it easily integrated into other existing systems or to form part of a new system.

It comes complete with controls at the top and the bottom of the machine. 


• Full site inspection and survey included in price

• Tailored to your application

• Installed and commissioned in a day

• Retrofit to existing machines

• 240v 16a single phase power supply

• 45° / 60° Max angle

• Optional sensors and actuator


Features and Versatility:
• Reliable 3 phase motor - variable speed

• 500mm wide belt

• 100kg payload

• Tracking groove - aids belt alignment when switching between forwards and reverse motion

• Top and bottom intuitive controls

• 100kg payload

• Stainless steel construction


• 1 year warranty

• Fast install

• Increased productivity